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MeBoard - coaching through imagery

MeBoard - coaching through imagery
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Produkt No.: Coaching tool
Udgivet af: NYHED
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MeBoard - coaching through imagery 

Coaching TOOL
The MeBoard was developed by an international team of coaching experts from the UK, Italy, Germany and Turkey. It is a highly flexible tool for coaches, counsellors and consultants and is also ideal for trainers and learning process advisers working in the field of personal development. It offers a low-threshold entry to ‘hard’ topics in coaching, helps the visualisation process and supports the development of goals and visions, helps to ‘translate’ internal issues into visible and practical steps, helps access emotions, provides clarity and supports the activation of inner resources, supports dissociation processes, creates ‘wow effects’, facilitates in-depth work with roles and values, and so on.

The MeBoard opens up new ways of accessing models that work with 4 types or sectors such as DISC, HBDI, MBTI, to name just a few.

You can work with the MeBoard either on a table or on a flipchart/door.

All of the members of our development team developed their personal favourite ways of working with the MeBoard,. Here are just a few of them:

Coaching on roles: Personal roles – such as father, manager, friend, business partner – are written on each of the four sectors. The next task is to find three to four pictures that characterise each role and to add a short statement for each one. This process allows the coachee to gain powerful access to resources and values of importance to all roles. A key image that illustrates this access is then selected and placed in the centre of the MeBoard.


Coaching on objectives:The terms ‘Goal’, ‘Resources’, ‘Obstacles’ and ‘First Steps’ are written on the four sectors in a clockwise direction. We use the same order to find pictures and statements for each of the terms. At the end, a final picture is placed in the centre of the MeBoard that represents the core message.&

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MeBoard - coaching through imagery
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MeBoard - coaching through imagery
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