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Pris: Kr. 9.200,00
Lagerstatus: På lager
Produkt No.: Teambuilding
Udgivet af: Metalog
Gennemsnitlig vurdering: Ikke vurderet


One product – many uses


A number of teams, working in separate areas, are each given the task of constructing a vehicle and developing a marketing concept for it. At the end, their ‘soapboxes’ are presented in a test drive and are put through an MOT to test them for safety. A versatile tool that puts the fun back into learning.


How It’s Done.
Each team is given the task of constructing a vehicle complete with brakes and steering system. Each soapbox vehicle should be capable of transporting one person and will be powered by up to two HP (Human Power). The vehicle will also need a logo and a slogan to go with it. One major sticking point in the task: the vehicles should be as similar in construction as possible, but differently equipped. During the development phase, the leaders of the construction teams meet in a separate area to talk everything through in detail. In the ‘Change’ variant, the teams work for a specific length of time on their vehicle and are then re-deployed to continue working on another team’s vehicle. The learning project culminates in the MOT inspection of the vehicle followed by a soapbox vehicle parade
Topics & Outcomes

  • Working in a team - developing creative solutions together, co-operation between departments, effective communication.


  • Project management - planning and execution of a project, milestones, dealing with time pressure, sharing information, division of roles, dealing with complexity


  • Communication - using precise language, active listening, meeting culture.


  • Dealing with change - flexible reaction to new conditions, job rotation, understanding change as an opportunity for optimisation


  • Quality management - planning, setting and evaluating quality criteria.


  • Leadership - motivating, maintaining the overview, keeping to arrangements.


  • Intercultural communication - communication between several cultures and value systems, communication between company sites in different countries.


  • Creativity training - utilising creativity strategies such as the Disney model.


  • Marketing - customising a marketing concept, effect of brand and claim, word-image-product dialogue.

Delegates (min/opt/max): 6/15/30; can be extended to a maximum of 60   - open link

Time (w/o debriefing): 60–120 min.

Space Requirements: a large room with at least 80 m2 divided into several working areas, or a number of small rooms

Contents: 3 construction sets each for 1 vehicle for working in three teams, 1 detailed instruction booklet.

Weight: ca. 30 kg


Instruktørmanual og materialer leveres også i dansk version



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