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Communic8 - Wordgame

Communic8 - Wordgame
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Produkt No.: Teambuilding - English version
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Communic8 - Ordspil

More than just dialogue

“Make as many of the facets of communication tangible!“ That was the goal of our designers when developing this learning scenario. Listening, moderating, adapting to others, developing a common vocabulary… and all that with appreciative contact. When the group are really having fun, then the most important pre-requisites of learning for successful communication have been achieved.

How It’s Done.
The delegates are handed pieces of an octagonal form. The outer edges of these pieces have a printed symbol on them. Each symbol has a matching counterpart on the outer edge of another piece, all together making up the complete form. The goal is to put this eight-sided form together and put it all down at once on the table with the printed side underneath. However, the symbols on each person’s pieces must be kept hidden.
The key to solving this task is successful, targeted communication, describing the symbols with the appropriate words so that the matching counterpart can be found. But how exactly can the team describe their own take on reality, their own perspective?

In this exciting phase, good self-organisation and moderation are particularly called for. When the correct matching counterparts have been found, the form can be placed down on the table in one complete form.
And then the tension really rises... Has the group done a good job? Soon all will be revealed. With the aid of a magnetic plate, the trainer turns over the complete, form and the group gets to see the result of their own ‘communication’


Topics & Outcomes
Communication training:
sender/receiver issues, active listening, meta-communication, persuasion, and many others.
Teamwork: developing a common vocabulary, agreeing on interfaces, feedback process, motivation.
Customer orientation: speaking the customer’s vocabulary, needs analysis, seeing the customer’s ‘map’.
Systemic thinking and acting: self-organisation
Solving conflicts: dealing with misunderstanding
Moderation training: interim summaries, getting the overview, maintaining discipline in discussions

Delegates (min/opt/max): 8 / 16

Time (w/o debriefing): 20 - 40 minutes

Space Requirements: at least 30 m² and a table of at least 0.8 m x 0.8 m

Contents: 16 magnetised plastic shapes, 1 metal plate, 1 detailed instructions manual  incl. Box


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Communic8 - Wordgame
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