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SysTEAM - Maintaining the balance

SysTEAM - Maintaining the balance
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Maintaining the balance


In any social system, balance is a central theme: between management and employee interests, between forces of creation and conservation, between bright visionary ideas and pressing questions of feasibility. SysTEAMing is a live metaphor for these types of balances. This scenario will fascinate your seminar group from the beginning: wooden figurines must be placed, removed, or rearranged on a free-moving table top, which will topple should it become unbalanced. 


The various forces at work within systems become visible and tangible. SysTEAMing demonstrates the significance of the explicit use of language and communication as success factors for managers and team members. It helps the team members realize that smooth cooperation and information flow contribute a great deal to harmonious teamwork. With SysTEAMing, your delegates see, hear and feel processes of systemic interdependency.


How It’s Done.
SysTEAMing is a flexible learning tool. There are a number of variations that have proven successful in practice. Keep in mind, however, that when it comes to staging SysTEAMing, there are no limits to your creativity as trainer or coach.

Roles: The delegates are split into teams of 2-3 ‘actors’. 2-3 such teams can work together on one SysTEAMing.


There are different roles in each team: one person puts on a blindfold: (S)he is the ‘grabber’, who is allowed to touch and move the figurines on the board. The second - seeing - person is the ‘speaker’ who verbally directs the grabber’s hand, but without actual physical contact. In a team of three, the third person acts as ‘coach’ for the other two.


What’s special is that the extent of this third role is not clearly defined: coaches can decide to intervene, facilitate, analyze, and so on, any way they see fit. No matter which of the versions you choose to try out, it makes sense not to specifically address the question of how the subteams are to act towards each other (cooperative or competitive). Instead, you as trainer should carefully observe the teams’ behaviour and use this information for later debriefing. Clearing the table. The figurines are unevenly spread out on the board. The teams’ task is to remove all figurines. The board must remain in balance.


Crossover. Divide the board into two fields (halves) using masking tape. Place half the figurines in one field and half in the other. The task is to move all figurines from one field into the other, and vice versa.
To vary the difficulty level or adapt SysTEAMing to different group sizes, you can define more than two fields.


Topics & Outcomes:
Team building: communicating between departments, elucidating sender/receiver issues, communicating implicitly and explicitly, resolving misunderstandings, active listening, controlling information flow, establishing balance, establishing trust.

Leadership training: assuming responsibility, identifying interdependencies in systems, deciding in uncertain situations, dealing with risk, working with second-hand information.

Project management: developing strategies despite lack of information, focusing on goals, working successfully.
Intercultural competence: dealing with uncertainty, demonstrating sender/receiver issues, resolving misunderstandings, seeing culture as a balanced value system.


Delegates (min/opt/max): 4 / 9 / 12

Time (w/o debriefing): 20 - 45 minutes.

Space Requirements: 3 x 3 metres.



1 movable board (birch with cork base), 1 pedestal (stainless steel / beech), 16 figurines (beech), 3 blindfolds, 1 detailed instructions manual.


Dimensions: 75 x 75 x 9 cm. Weight: 7,7 kg

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SysTEAM - Maintaining the balance
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SysTEAM - Maintaining the balance
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SysTEAM - Maintaining the balance
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