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The Maze - Getting on track.

The Maze - Getting on track.
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Produkt No.: Team- and feedback tools
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 The Maze

-   Pathfinder getting on track   

 "All learning is based on feedback" -
John Sterman, Professor for System Dynamics at MIT. Being able to experience this phenomenon was what moved us to include the learning project Pfadfinder in our range. In this activity, how teams can become learning systems is tangible: the team achieves excellence through developing skills together and through constant feedback on the status quo.

How It’s Done

With a budget of ten 1,000 tokens, the group has the task of finding the hidden path across the field. After a short planning period, the group attempts the activity in silence. But there are traps and stumbling blocks along the way. If someone steps on the wrong square, the trainer gives a signal. Such unavoidable errors are not sanctioned. But, if the group repeats the same mistake again, the trainer gives the signal again and the group has to pay 1,000 token. Through mutual support and joint learning, the group manages to develop a strategy and use up as little money as possible so that, at the end, all delegates can cross the field. The teams need to compensate for the weaknesses of individual members and silently develop a joint approach. Versions: The cloth is also suitable for doing the learning project, “Turn-Around”. The entire group stands on the cloth. They are given the task of turning the cloth without getting off it. With strategy and planning, they can rise to this challenge!

Topics & Outcomes

Team Development:  
interacting, feedback, creating a learning system, integration of weaker members, accepting mistakes.
Communication Training: 
awareness of body language, sender/receiver issues.
Leadership Training: 
recognising needs, cooperating, dealing with stress and complex situations.                                                             Organisational Development:  prompt feedback as criteria for learning and development.

Delegates (min/opt/max): 6 / 12 / 18
Time (w/o debriefing): 20 - 40 minutes
Space Requirements: 5 x 6 m

Contents: 1
x washable cloth, whistles, 1 detailed instructions manual.

Dimensions: 38 x 37 x 12 cm.
Weight: 3kg

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The Maze - Getting on track.
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The Maze - Getting on track.
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