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Pris: Kr. 425,00
Lagerstatus: På lager
Produkt No.: Conversational Pacemakers
Udgivet af: Læringsøvelse/team
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Conversational Pacemakers


Structured debriefing of projects.
The moments just after a learning project has finished are important for the delegates and trainer. Feelings are reflected upon and conclusions drawn, individual delegates give each other feedback. The debriefing gathers momentum – but only when it is properly guided. METALOG® Moderationsbälle support you in structuring the debriefing. You simply throw a few balls into the group. Depending on which ball a delegate receives, he or she talks about what he or she has experienced. The ball is then thrown to another delegate, who then follows with his or her own thoughts. In this way, reflecting on the project gets really into the swing.

How to bring the seminar to a perfect close.
If you want a more authentic and energetic final feedback round, which doesn’t involve each person saying: “I agree with him/her…”, we recommend you use our feedback balls. In the final feedback round, throw the balls into the group according to your own particular system. In this way, you clear the way for all – even the most reserved – delegates to express themselves according to the ball they receive about the topics that were of most importance to them in the seminar.

What the balls can mean.
Use the balls flexibly and according to your needs! Every time you use them, you can give the balls new meanings - whatever you consider appropriate for your group’s situation. Here are a few suggestions:

Brain: “I learned/understood that...“
Key: “A key moment for me was...“
Heart: “I experienced/felt...“
Palm: “I got the support of.. /What helped me was..“
Foot: “MY next concrete step will be...“
Camera: “The picture that is in my mind...“
Thumb up: “I would like to give positive feedback about/to...“

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